Church, we're asking God to make us a people who say "yes" to whatever He calls us to do. As we say "yes" to Him, we'll get to watch God provide a faith-filled down payment in preparation for The Well to say "yes" to His provision of a permanent worship and ministry space here in Silver Spring.

Why + Why now?

We see God's mighty hand transforming lives in and through The Well today, and we long for Him to root us permanently in Silver Spring as a gospel outpost for generations to come.

What "might be" compels us to say "yes" today. What might God do through a space we could use 24/7 for the gospel? How might He increase our worship and deepen our kids' discipleship? Who might He save? How many churches might He plant through us in decades to come?

Our current ministry space is unstable and insufficient:

In the past two years we've been unable to say "yes" to two bull's-eye opportunities because of insufficient funds. Now is the time to say "yes" in preparation for His provision for our permanent space.

What it Means to Say "Yes"

Primary Goal 100% Participation
Secondary Goal $1.5 Million

Our goal is bigger than a down payment, and it’s not about money.

When 100% of us say "yes" to whatever God leads us to give, we expect Him to provide the finances necessary for The Well to say "yes" to demonstrating and declaring the gospel through a permanent space here in Silver Spring.

From Pastor Matt


We're asking God to make us a people who say "yes" to whatever He calls us to do. When we say "yes" to Him, we’ll get to watch God provide a faith-filled down payment in preparation for The Well to say “yes” to a permanent worship and ministry space here in Silver Spring.

The Well has always been a people who say "yes" to whatever God calls us into. It was crazy, but in year one, forty-eight of you said “yes” to gathering as the church in our basement. Then, by faith, we grew into four Community Groups, living as families on mission together, worshipping on Sundays in the auditorium of an obscure senior living facility.

Come year three, people were coming to Christ, the unconnected were connecting, and we kept saying "yes" to Jesus as He provided the Seventh Day Adventist Annex for Sunday Worship. We outgrew it, and didn't know what to do next. God again met us by faith as He changed an unchangeable church constitution to allow us to worship in the Seventh Day Adventist Sanctuary.

We grew into two services, and now see Community Groups scattered throughout the county, worshipping Him together on Sundays while taking the gospel into our neighborhoods, work places, and families throughout the week.

We are following Jesus together for the good of the world as we walk by faith and prepare to say "yes" once again to His faithful provision. It's time we pile up a faith-filled, strategic down payment for our own ministry outpost, in order that we might worship Him, share the gospel, grow in our faith, deepen in our love for each other, serve the city, and plant church after church for decades to come.

Everything God calls us into, He provides. We must simply say "yes," following Him into His grace.

Matt Klingler
Pastor Matt Klingler

Next Steps

Mark  your calendars for May 23rd to participate in Say "Yes" Sunday.

Pray  and ask God what He is calling you to give.

Say "Yes"  to giving your most generous kick-start gift on May 23rd, and committing to sacrificial giving through the next year (over + above your usual offering).

Celebrate  the joy of obedience in eager expectation of His provision.


As I say "yes" to all that God is calling me to do in my life, I commit to giving the following gifts over and above my normal offering:

  1. A kick-start gift of $ , and
  2. a Say "Yes" commitment of $ , given over the next twelve months.

Thank you for saying yes! Now head to the give page to set up your commitment.


After committing to your faith-filled gift, make sure to follow the link below in order to give your first kick-start gift and schedule repetitious giving. If you have financial questions or are giving stocks, assets, or other gifts you can contact our accountant, Amita Mackin, at

Give Now

Our goal is to hear 100% of us say yes to whatever God calls us to give over the coming year. The below chart gives a possible breakdown of the annual gifts needed - over and above our normal offering - to prepare us to say yes to the permanent ministry space that God provides for The Well.

There's no formula for this. So seek God for what He is calling you to give, and say yes to not a penny more or a penny less. As 100% of us say yes to God, we anticipate a celebration in His provision of the finances necessary for The Well to demonstrate and declare the gospel in Silver Spring for generations to come!

Commitments One-Time/Total or Monthly
1 $200,000 $16,667
1 $150,000 $12,500
1 $100,000 $8,333
1 $75,000 $6,250
2 $65,000 $5,417
2 $50,000 $4,167
3 $30,000 $2,500
8 $25,000 $2,083
8 $15,000 $1,250
8 $10,000 $833
10 $7,500 $625
15 $5,000 $415
18 $2,500 $209
Many $1,200 $100


Study Guide

In this series, we'll look at Moses's life and obedience as we strive towards becoming disciples of Jesus who say "yes" to whatever He calls us into.

The six-week series starts April 18th and runs through May 23rd. The study guide below will lead you through weekly personal study as well as community group and 3D discussion. We're asking that you do this series along with the whole church.

Download the guide